Enjoy the island
ingredients in nature

Experience “food” with
the island ingredients!

Based on RuGu’s selected “BBQ Guide”,
enjoy our BBQ with the cooking methods that brings out the flavor of the raw ingredients.

An original “BBQ Guide” is available for you to experience an upgraded BBQ. Please enjoy BBQ that is different from usual depending on the “cooking method” and “cooking method” of the material.


Reservation-only(15:00 the day before)
BBQ space in RuGu

¥4,000 (incl. tax)/ 1 person

・BBQ (All-you-can-drink plan)
¥6,000 (incl. tax)/ 1 person

Available time:
18:00〜21:00(The start time is 18 o’clock.)

BBQ Application

This is an application form exclusively for BBQ. As we are limited to 10 pairs per day,
it may not be possible to accept day trip BBQ reservations. Please be forewarned.
(In that case, we will contact you as soon as possible and guide you to another schedule.)

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